Elite Cuisine

Thank you for introducing me to Entrepreneur Solutions. During the program, which you conducted in my office my sales force has greatly increased their self confidence and learned how to increase leads, handle telephone calls during prospecting and close appointments. We did increase our knowledge about time management, focus on product value, and benefits. Also, we learned more about lead generation. Since we joined your program our sales, and activities increased by 15 to 20 percent. Thank you, Entrepreneur Solutions, for coaching us.

Amador Guillergan President

Advanced Assembly Technologies

You did a great job creating marketing-oriented content that really distinguishes me from the competition. I think this will take my business to a new level.

Frank Muscolino President

Canadian Imperial Business Network

When I read Rick’s first book Timeless Commandments for Entrepreneurial Success, I was so impressed, that I recommended it to several of the business owners who are part of our networking organization at the Canadian Imperial Business Network. Few have left such a lasting impact on our members.

Kerry George C.E.O.
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