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    Entrepreneur Solutions, is a leading next generation business solutions provider, specializing in non-traditional methods of marketing to uncover hidden assets in your company.

    We provide you with repeatable systems and tools that will make you stand apart from your competition, attract and retain customers like a magnet and help you navigate the treacherous waters of the entrepreneurial journey.

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    Rick McCulloch is an Author, Speaker, and the C.E.O. of Entrepreneur Solution. His specialty is helping businesses grow by answering their customers’ top of mind question: “What’s in it for me?” He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Manitoba, a certificate in internet technology from the Southern Institute of Technology, where he has also been an instructor in the sciences, and a certificate from the Dale Carnegie Institute. He is a member of the Canadian Imperial Business Network, and a Founding Member of NEURS, a global organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed. He is a self-taught entrepreneur having studied marketing and business masters such Brian Tracy, Jeffery Gitomer, David Allen, Jay Abrahams, Meir Ezra, JTFoxx, Charlie Cook, David Neagle and Perry Marsha, Gary Bencivenga. He has directed marketing efforts for US based software companies. He has published two books: “Timeless Commandments for Entrepreneurial Success” and “On Target. Mastering the Four Pillars of Business Success”.


    David Shiang specializes in helping clients make quantum leaps in their businesses and personal lives. David is a graduate of MIT and has a Master of Management from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. He was also a Danforth Fellow in the English PhD program at UC Berkeley. He has broad experience in marketing, strategy, coaching, consulting, research, and education. He began teaching marketing in 1989, designing programs for companies such as GE, Chase, and DuPont. He was VP of Software Consulting with a division of IDG, a $3 billion global technology media, research, and event company. He has worked with global entrepreneurs such as Catherine Newton (catherinenewton.com) as well as companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and HP. He is the author of “God Does Not Play Dice: the Fulfillment of Einstein’s Quest for Law and Order in Nature” and “The Regret Cure: How to Eliminate Toxic Emotions and Never Regret Again”. He is also the world’s leading authority on Jim Morrison and The Doors. He co-hosted The Heroine’s Journey in 2014 and Skyrocket Your Success 2013, a 3-day entrepreneurial marketing summit. He has presented at The Billionaire Event with George Ross, The Nido Qubein Experience, and other key leadership gatherings.